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Maderotherapy Training Windhoek Beauty

Our 'Beauty' maderotherapy course trains our students in our own and exclusive methodology, learning the bases of body Maderotherapy and an introduction to facial Maderotherapy. Our technique, natural and non-invasive.

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Maderotherapy Training Windhoek Beauty
Maderotherapy Training Windhoek Beauty

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2024-04-13 09:00 – 18:00

Windhoek, Windhoek, Namibia

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What does our course include?

- Our own 'BS' method based on the 'non-invasive' philosophy. Our method is based on the 'non-invasive' philosophy, that is, we use the tools in a non-invasive way to avoid damaging the body. Therefore, we adapt to the different visual stimuli that the body offers us.

- 2-hour theoretical training. The most important thing to become a great therapist is your training, which is why in our intensive course we dedicate 2 hours exclusively to theory, which will be supported with an extensive manual with all the necessary information to offer the best results.

- Body Maderotherapy and initiation to facial Maderotherapy. You will learn the complete technique in body wood therapy and an introduction to facial wood therapy, so that you can offer complete treatments to your clients.


  • Training Booking

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    This is the second payment to complete the course reservation.

    4 000,00 NAD
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  • Full Trianing

    Select this option to pay for your full course.

    6 000,00 NAD
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